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Turkey - a beautiful summer vacation abroad


Work work work. Tear time to relax is becoming heavier and heavier. And when you finally get the cherished two weeks, there is a question in front of you - where to go? How to save money, but at the same time to rest well? There are a few countries where you can relax without spending half the rest state, and at the same time your journey you will remember for a long time.

First of all, it's hot Turkey. Holidays in Turkey attracts many tourists both in summer and winter. Round season many Turkish hotels open their doors to visitors. In Turkey, even the most inexperienced person can travel to find entertainment to your taste. Hot beaches are combined here with the frosty mountain peaks; Coast is dotted with restaurants, which serve all kinds of national cuisines. Turkey - a "crossroads" of Europe and Asia, so its modern multiculturalism should not be surprised. There superbly rested as tourists who came alone, and couples with children. Children are provided a variety of amusement parks, water and the usual slides and much more. Cost of tours to Turkey pleasantly pleased - rest in this wonderful country can afford any working person.

Next, move a little to the south - to Egypt. Of course, airfare here a little higher, but the comfort level is different. Egypt is known worldwide thanks to the magnificent beaches - names such as Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada on everyone's lips. Egypt provides the ideal conditions for diving. The Red Sea is famous for its rich flora and fauna. Besides, it is always warm - water temperature does not drop below + 20 ° C!

If you do not particularly enjoy a beach holiday, you should go to Bulgaria. This is a great country with the brightest cultural heritage. Here you can see the old narrow streets with well-preserved ancient buildings, cozy little churches and great cathedrals. National culture in Bulgaria is very interesting for the person has not come here. Tours in Bulgaria are not very expensive, so the holiday in Bulgaria - it is an advantageous offer.

Among the many suggestions you can always choose something that interests you.

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